St. John the Baptist Catholic Church Marriage Records

located in Dover, Dearborn Co., Indiana
(a partial list)

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Grooms Name Brides Name Grooms Parents Brides Parents Marriage Date Witnesses Notes
BIDDLE, Clifford El mer UHLMAN, Edna Mary Clarence Biddle and Grace Hoppins Edward Uhlman and Anna Schneider
Goerge Jacobs and Anna Scheidler Clifford was not a Catholic. He was from Harrison, OH. Anna Schneider was deceased at time of the wedding. Mary was from Dover, IN.
BOURS, Michael KELLY, Ann     April 9, 1850 Father A. Bennett & his sister The wedding was performed by Father Bennett. Beside the date 1850 is written the words "probably?".
BRUDERE?, Louis HOMAN, Lura     ? 11, 1850 (between April & June)   Written beside 1850 is "probably?".
CLARKE, James (Jacob) NEAD, Mary     Jan. 10, 1884 Peter Nead & Julia Nead James was not a Catholic.
CONNOLLY, Ed. LONGWOM, Jane     June 29, 1850 Walter Connoly & his wife  
DOERFLEIN, Victor NEAD, Marguerite George F. Doerflein and Helena Singer John R. Nead and Mary Merkl
Raymond Briggs and Mary Grogan Victor was from Cedar Grove, IN. Marguerite was from Kelso- Dover, IN.
DYER, Patrick NEAD, Mary James (Jacob) Dyer & Bridgetta McGra?? Thomas Nead & Mary Berigen Oct. 1, 1890 Joseph Nead & Mary Groisch Three announcements were made in the church altunment(?), Cincinnati by Rev J.M. Murray, & in the Church of St. Johns (somewhat hard to read)
ENNIS, James (Jacob) Joseph NEAD, Mildred Mary Christopher Ennis and Amelia Aug John R. Nead and Mary Merkl
Alfred Ennis and Margaretha Nead Both families from Dover, IN
GAYNOR, James SWIFT, Catherine James Gaynor & Brigitta Farrel William Swift & Mary McQuire Oct. 12 1892 Thomas R. Gaynor & Emma Golden  
KUNTZ, Joseph MOEMKE, Philomena Mickor? Kuntz & Magdalena Hoslauer Rudolf Moemke & Elizabeth Schuchmarker Feb. 11 1890 Michael Kuntz & William Moemke, Anna Witte & Mary Josephine Swift  
LUX, James (Jacob) BASKET, Margareta     March 29, 1847 John Long and his wife  
M???CAB?, Samuel McGUTTY, Margaret     Jan. 27, 1847 Robert Barker and his lover  
MATHEW, James (Jacob) LEANY, Bridget     Feb. 25, 1848 James (Jacob) McKey and his wife  
McCABE, Joseph GAYNOR, Margaretha John McCabe & Elizabeth Monaghan William Gaynor & Sara O'Neil Sept. 14 1892 James (Jacob) Gaynor & Margaretha McCabe  
MOEMKE, William O?KEEFE, Elizabeth Rudolf Moemke & Elizabeth Schuchmacher John O?Keefe & Honora Gleason Oct 29, 1890 B. A. Moemke & Theresa O?Keefe  
NEAD, Edward SWIFT, Isabella Dionysius (Dennis) Nead & Elizabeth Brady William Swift & Mary McGuire Sept. 18, 1883 James (Jacob) Swift & Anna Brady  
NEAD, Peter PINE, Catherine Peter Nead & Mary Dolan William Pine & Joanna Johnson April 23, 1860 Patrick Harrison & Clara Pine  
O?CONNOR, John HOFFBAUER, Elizabeth Michael O?Connor & Elizabeth Lamb Dominic Hoffbauer & Barbara Buskel Nov 18, 1890 Michael Hoffbauer & ?  
REED, Christian S???TUR, Rach???     Nov. 22, 1847 Joseph Fegar & his wife very hard to read; Reed could be Reid
REIKER, William McMALLEY, Anna     Aug. 17, 1859 "brother & sister of the bride, both are of this place"  
ROHAN, John NASK?, Julia Mary     July 18, 1847 Mick Malouny and Catherine Shea  
SEITER, Joseph BAUCH, Anna Joseph Seiter & Josephine Schu?ch George Bauch & Margaretha Zimmer June 10, 1884 Alfred Moemke, Louis Miller, Cres??ntia Baush & Theresa Seiter  
SIEFERT, JOSEPH NEAD, ELIZABETH Anthony Siefert & Veronica Wilhelm Patrick Nead & Mary Kelly Oct. 28 1890 William Siefert, for the man & Emma Goulden for the woman  
SWIFT, William MAGUIRE, Mary     Oct. 22, 1847 James (Jacob) Murtagh & Jane Hyland  
WELDISHOFER, Norbert Jr. STENGER, Rosella A. Joseph Weldishofer and Louise Hilbert Charles (Carl) Stenger and Elizabeth Singer
Victor Stenger, Matilda Schuman, Irma Rausch Norbert was from St. Leon, IN.


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