ABRAHAM (ABRAM) PEAVY - Born 3 (?) May 1765 in Orange County, NC.

Volunteered from Orange Co. NC in 1779 and served as Pvt. in the

Co. commanded by Capt. Quinn, of the Rgt. commanded by Col.

O'Neal, on the S. Carolina line for two years. He married Lydia

Seale September, 1784 (6) and settled in Butler Co. Alabama.

Abraham died 15 August, 1837 and Lydia died 13 October 1845.

Their children were Nancy Hutchison, Vicy Arnold, Eli Peavy,

Davy Peavy, Hilvy Peavy, McHail Peavy, Hiram Peavy,

and Thomas Peavy who was estate administrator.

(Source: NARA Microfilm series M804, Roll #1899

W. Peavy & D. Bales)


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