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Q: What are the restrictions, if any, on the use of research material posted on your web site? Can I copy Family Group sheets or like material for my own use?

A: Good question! The welcome message inside the shield on the front web page said "A free Association of Cousins" and simply that's what it's all about. The group was formed to freely exchange information and promote a coordinated research effort. If the information you wish from our pages is for your own use, please be our guest. On the other hand, if you wish to reproduce any of this material for any other reason, financial gain, another internet posting or credit of any kind, it is just common courtesy to contact the contributing person first. The coordinator will answer any questions you may have on web page material useage, and can easily put you in contact with the contributing member.


Q: How can I become a Pavey/Peavey Cousin?

A: Simple! Just send an e-mail to Marsha McWilliams the co-ordinator, and she will be happy to include you.


Q: What is the job description of the "Cousins" Web Page Coordinator?

A: Glad you asked. The Cousins Group Coordinator was selected by open nomination and election by a majority of the group. The term is not fixed. As you might expect with a group of active researchers, some seventy strong as of this writing, it couldn't survive without a leader having a lot of genealogical experience and the ability to delegate, organize, analyze and most of all be a very good communicator. We expect our coordinator to be a spokesperson for the group, interview prospective "cousins"and handle inter-group and intra-group correspondence in a timely manner. The coordinator will also be alert for signs that group submitted research is being exploited and impose sanctions as required. See the following question.


Q: I have noticed a mistake that I have entered on the posted query page. How do I correct the mistake on the page?

A: Another simple one! Just send the Esposito's an e-mail stating the mistake and the corrected version. We will get the corrected version posted as soon as possible.


Q: What if my query has become obsolete?

A: Again, just send the Esposito's an e-mail asking to have the query removed. Please include the ancestor's name and the date of the post.


Q: How can I enter information on the Revolutionary War Page?

A: A good idea first would be to go to the Rev War page and look at the format and type of information of the posted names. After your information has been put together, send it to the Esposito's e-mail address stating "Rev War Page" in the subject line. In the body of the letter, state that you would like the information to be posted on the page. The information will then reviewed for content before posting.


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