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The KedEspoPhotoBooth "Charitable Events and Fund Raising" Package*

Non-Profit Pricing*

We understand the value great non-profit organizations bring to our community. Your Non-profit organization, with a valid 501c(3) status, will qualify for a discount of $200 off any package price. Contact us and we will gladly customize a package to better suit your organizations needs.


Looking for a great new fundraising idea? KedEspo Photo booths can make your next fundraiser a fun success. Your group would pay a flat fee to have the photo booth delivered and to cover the cost of having an attendant available to work the photo booth. You charge for each photo taken, (ex: $5.00/photo) or for each person in the picture (ex: $1.00 per person) and 100% of the proceeds go to your organization.

*based on availability.









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