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Q How much does it cost to rent a photo booth?
A Our rental prices start at $520.00 for a 3 hour rental. This is our pre-paid “Fun” package.
Q Are you licensed?
A Yes, we operate as KedEspo Photography, LLC.
Q Do you require a deposit for a photo booth rental?
A Yes, we require a non-refundable deposit and a signed rental agreement.
Q What if we want to add on additional time to our party or event?
A Additional hours may be requested for an additional cost of $75 per hour prior to the event. The fee will be $125.00 per hour the night of the event at the discretion of the booth attendant.
Q Will someone be there to attend to the photo booth?
A Yes, we will have a friendly booth attendant at your event to ensure things run smoothly. We will arrive one hour before the booth run time and breakdown at the end of the event at no additional cost.
Q Do the photos come in color or black and white?
A You may choose black and white, sepia tone or color for your photos. It's your choice! Several of our packages include all three.
Q How many photos do we get?
A We allow you and your guests multiple trips through our photo booths during your rental. (Unlimited is a strong word, you and your guests may make as many trips through the booth as you can in your allotted rental time.) KedEspo Photo Booth will print a minimum of two 2” X 6” prints per photo session. You may choose to allow each guest in the photo to receive a print in the “I want it all” package, or added as an extra to any package.
Q Can you print a logo, monogram, graphic, or text message on our photos?
A We can design a custom graphic, logo or text for your photo strip. It is a one time fee of $35. If you do have a specific logo in mind for the event you can use it. The logo however will need to meet our size and format requirements
Q Do you offer props?
A Yes we do, at no additional charge, but we also encourage you to bring your own!
Q Do you offer scrapbook or memory book services?
A Yes we do. We set up a station with colored pens, and glue sticks. We let you supply you own scrapbook. We find most people would rather choose the book themselves. We print 2 copies of each strip so that your guest can keep one copy and our attendant will take the other one and place it into your scrapbook. Your guests will then write a note next to their picture. The scrapbook will be completed by the end of the party and the attendant will give it to a designated person. This service is included in the “I want it all” package. It can be added to the other packages for an additional $100.00.









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